A Message From The Cultivated Self Creators:

Hello! Join us for a 6-part series introducing The Cultivated Self course! Over the next six posts, we will be getting a glimpse into the concepts and foundations of The Cultivated Self. We’ll also be sharing tools and resources along the way!


Do You Relate?

Do you turn to food for comfort? Treat yourself after a hard day? Eat when you’re stressed?

You are not alone!

You are definitely not alone! We all turn to food for reasons beyond just nourishing our bodies. Let’s get back to normalizing that food is meant to nourish our bodies, but we also eat for so many other reasons – our emotions being a major reason – and that’s absolutely okay.

How does The Cultivated Self help?

As part of The Cultivated Self course, you will explore what most commonly drives you toward (or away) from food. This allows you to be aware of those signals, recognize when you wish to use other coping skills beyond the food, and challenge any negative thoughts or feelings that come up when you do gravitate toward the food.

In this week’s intro to The Cultivated Self, we’re including a feelings wheel for you to practice checking in with your emotions. Recognizing the feelings you’re experiencing allows you to better understand what it is that’s driving you toward food and what you might need instead.

The Cultivated Self is a program designed to guide you in cultivating a positive relationship with food and your body by seeking to find freedom from obsessive or negative thoughts so you can live a joy-filled, meaningful life that aligns with the values you hold.

This course has been an honor to create for YOU and we are thrilled that it is available online. The Cultivated Self is an 8-session course. This course will guide you in cultivating a more positive relationship with food and your body. 

In this course, Emily and Liz will walk you through each session and provide you with tangible tools and loads of insight. The Cultivated Self will help you lay the foundation for you to make peace with food, build respect for your body and honor its needs, find joy and connect with your true values. 

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