A Message From The Cultivated Self Creators:

Hello! Join us for a 6-part series introducing The Cultivated Self course! Over the next six posts, we will be getting a glimpse into the concepts and foundations of The Cultivated Self. We’ll also be sharing tools and resources along the way!


Let’s check in together…when is the last time you truly connected with your body and honored your body’s hunger and fullness?? When is the last time you ate a meal that was satisfying and satiating?

Perhaps you are tired of counting calories, portioning every meal, or at least feeling like that’s how you should feed yourself in order to be “healthy”?

How can The Cultivated Self help?

Within The Cultivated Self course, you will incorporate principles of Intuitive Eating to begin to reconnect to your body’s hunger and fullness cues and discover satisfaction in nourishing your body.

With intuitive eating, we often hear a lot of myths or misconceptions. Learn more about a few of these below and what intuitive eating is actually about!

The Cultivated Self is a program designed to guide you in cultivating a positive relationship with food and your body by seeking to find freedom from obsessive or negative thoughts so you can live a joy-filled, meaningful life that aligns with the values you hold.

This course has been an honor to create for YOU and we are thrilled that it is available online. The Cultivated Self is an 8-session course. This course will guide you in cultivating a more positive relationship with food and your body. 

In this course, Emily and Liz will walk you through each session and provide you with tangible tools and loads of insight. The Cultivated Self will help you lay the foundation for you to make peace with food, build respect for your body and honor its needs, find joy and connect with your true values.