Girl Holding Up Clothes to Herself

The Scale

The Scale. It can be a useful and necessary tool. It can also be the means to which people… individuals… men… women… children… adults… are destroyed. It is not so much the scale that breaks these individuals, it’s the number. A number that holds the power to make or break the day.

A number gains the control of determining the value or self-worth of individuals who struggle with eating disorders. A number may determine whether or not someone eats, how many miles they run, or whether they purge. A number becomes the definition of these individuals – it defines their degree of success, their purpose in life, what they will strive to achieve.

YOU are more than a number. If you are struggling with stepping on the scale multiple times a day – or daily at that – there is hope for a life of freedom from the need to define your life or day based on a number. Your beauty, your worth, your purpose… they stem from something deep inside of you… not on the gravitational force your body produces on a tool called the scale.

How will you define yourself? You are so much more important than any number and a scale will only give you a numeric value that does not correlate to your passion, your integrity, your values, your hopes for the future. Consider tossing this defining characteristic out of your life. If you need help, Sage Nutrition has a variety of resources available to help you in your journey. Check out for more information and contact us with any questions or concerns.