The History of the Beginning

Some may say that one year of operation doesn’t give a business much of a history. As anyone who has started on such an endeavor knows, the beginning is, without a doubt, months or years before the day your doors open for service. The vision for Sage Nutrition began before I was even aware of the dream I had to offer medical nutrition therapy for clients. It started long before I knew what a Registered Dietitian (RD) was and that I would embark on a career in health and nutrition world.

The evolution of Sage Nutrition began the day I realized I wanted to provide a safe place for individuals to reach out to when they struggle with their relationship with food. For much of my life I was unaware of the connection between people and food; that each of us holds a relationship with food that fuels a variety of feelings and emotions. It was because of my personal journey that I have come to understand the value of developing and pursuing a healthy relationship with food.

As humans we have the ability to turn to a variety of influences to cope with factors of life. Some turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, work… and then there are those folks who turn to food in an effort to control something in their life when all else feels out of control. In this process individuals forget the innate ability their body has to tell them what their body needs nutritionally; they forget that they’re able to know when they’re hungry and when they’re full. The body adapts to using food as a coping strategy and forgets the simple lesson that food is meant to nourish our bodies, not nurture our bodies.

The passion that has driven the creation of Sage Nutrition stems from a desire to offer a wholistic approach of nourishing the human body – offering a service that focuses on the whole person while specifically addressing one’s relationship with food. I believe that food has the power to heal lives; that it should not be the reason to destroy the quality of life folks lead.

So while Sage Nutrition is just starting a new chapter, know that the history of this vision stems far back to the moment where a life was changed because of the realization of the impact food has on the human body – this body. A dream became a vision – a vision became a reality – and without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to the future of Sage Nutrition.

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