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Open House

Earlier this week, Sage Nutrition celebrated the opening of their new location in South Lincoln with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. Guests ranged from Lincoln Chamber of Commerce members to college students. Everyone got the chance to tour the new space which features an exercise room where Mindful Movement Coach, Cathy Jewell, leads […]

The Scale

The Scale. It can be a useful and necessary tool. It can also be the means to which people… individuals… men… women… children… adults… are destroyed. It is not so much the scale that breaks these individuals, it’s the number. A number that holds the power to make or break the day. A number gains […]

The History of the Beginning

Some may say that one year of operation doesn’t give a business much of a history. As anyone who has started on such an endeavor knows, the beginning is, without a doubt, months or years before the day your doors open for service. The vision for Sage Nutrition began before I was even aware of the dream I […]

Nourish vs. Nurture

I remember sitting at a table, surrounded by people who struggled with their relationship with food. Don’t let me fool you – my relationship with food was far from ideal – I was on a similar page as everyone else in that group. It was this particular day though that something struck that deep down, soul-wrenching, life-changing part […]


We’ve often heard how the media influences how we feel about our weight, shape, and general appearance. But, have you ever considered how the media influences the food, drinks, and pills we put into our bodies? Today, we examine the role of supplements in the American lifestyle. Let me begin with a disclaimer: I am not anti­supplement. I […]

Body Shaming

“Body shaming” is an aggressive phrase. It conjures up images of schoolyard bullying or even abuse. But body shaming can be much sneakier. In fact, many of us do this every day, without any thought or realization as to what we may be doing to someone else. In one of my previous positions, we called out body […]